Last season the most exciting new plant introduction was Petunia Headliner Night Sky. This year we bring you the newest addition to the Headliner series, Pink Sky. Same perfectly shaped mounding habit and tremendous flower power. Same unique white spotted flowers but in pink. Delicious!

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New Plant Picks
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Spring 2014
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Calibrachoa Chameleon Blueberry Scone
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Petunia Headliner Pink Sky
A new series of Portulaca (Purslane) debuts this season. Colorblast Double feature fully double flowers in bright colors creating a spectacular show! Portulaca have long been valued for their durability in hot, dry locations and are great in hanging baskets. They make an excellent groundcover as well. We are growing Colorblast Double Magenta shown here as well as Double Yellow.
Portulaca Colorblast Double Magenta
A beautiful hanging basket is an essential element in creating a warm and welcoming porch or patio. You could buy one ready made or indulge your creative impulse and plant your own. In this article we provide helpful tips to help you create a heavenly hanging basket.
CHOOSE A CONTAINER. The traditional wire basket with a sphagnum moss or coconut fiber lining is one option. Moss offers great visual appeal when using mounding or upright plants that do not trail to obscure the lining. Preformed coconut fiber liners are easier to use. If moss is used be sure to moisten the moss well before pressing it into the wire from the inside. Both of these materials offer excellent soil aeration which is beneficial to plant health and vigor but they do dry out quickly. You may want to line the bottom 1/3 of the basket with a piece of plastic sheeting inside the liner to help retain moisture but be sure to punch a few small holes in the plastic to allow for drainage.
Another option is a container made from recycled paper such as our Rustic Round baskets. These also offer good soil aeration but do not dry out as quickly as moss or coconut fiber baskets.

The least expensive option is a basket made of plastic. While these donít breathe, they do hold moisture better than the other options.
DON'T SKIMP ON POTTING SOIL. Spend a little more and get the best quality. Keep in mind that the most expensive isnít always the best. Nationally advertised brands must include the cost of national advertising in their selling price.

The primary component of a good potting soil is peat moss with an aggregate such as pearlite. Some may include other organic ingredients such as compost or forest by-products up to 30%. Avoid those with higher percentages of other components.

Lightly moisten the soil before filling your container 1/3 full, and then add controlled release fertilizer according to label directions. We recommend using the low rate and supplement with water soluble fertilizer once every week or so. Lightly mix the fertilizer into the top inch of soil then fill the container about 4 inches from the top.
Many of you know Calibrachoa by the brand name "Million Bells" but Million Bells is just one of dozens of Calibrachoa series on the market. New this year is the Chameleon series. These have the unique characteristic of changing color throughout the season responding to changes in environmental conditions, providing an ever changing color display on one plant! We are growing Chameleon Blueberry Scone and Chameleon Indian Summer this season.
Calibrachoa Chameleon Indian Summer