How to care for your Flower Farm container garden

With proper care your beautiful hanging basket, patio pot or color bowl from the Flower Farm will last well into Autumn. We offer the following tips on caring for your container garden:

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Plants in containers can dry out very quickly. On a hot summer day, you may need to water your container garden 2 or 3 times. The frequency of watering depends on the size of the container, the materials from which it is made, its location and current weather conditions. Larger containers need watering less frequently than smaller ones. Coco fiber and moss baskets dry out very quickly, cedar and unglazed ceramic hold moisture for slightly longer while resin and glazed ceramic hold moisture best of all. Containers in hot sunny locations or those exposed to the wind dry out more quickly than those in shadier, more sheltered sites. It is important to remember that containers kept overly wet are subject to failure due to root rot. Excess moisture is the most common cause of disappointment with container garden performance. Better to keep your basket or pot a little on the dry side. The best way to determine when to water your container is to test its weight when well watered by lifting it. When it is substantially lighter, water it. If it is too large to lift, test the moisture by inserting your finger about an inch below the surface. When the soil is dry to an inch or so deep, water it. Check the moisture content at least once each day, more often when it is particularly hot. When you do water, water thoroughly allowing water to drain from the bottom. If you allow your container to become overly dry, you may need to soak it in a bucket of water to remoisten the soil.



We add a base amount of controlled release fertilizer to all of our hanging baskets and patio pots. You will need to supplement with the periodic addition of water soluble fertilizer to your irrigation water. Use a high quality fertilizer with micro nutrients such as Miracle Grow or Peter's. Fertilize every week or two depending on how often you water. Fertilize more frequently during hot weather when you water frequently, less often when you water less.



You will need to remove spent flowers from your container garden to ensure that it continues to flower profusely. Some plants require a periodic cutting back to keep them looking their best. If you are unsure how to proceed, ask us to show you how to deadhead and groom the particular plants in the garden you have chosen.



We suggest turning your container every week in order to provide a more even exposure to the sun. Despite your best efforts, some plants may be reluctant to bloom during the hottest part of the summer. Rest assured, they will come back strong once the weather cools a bit. Don't forget! If you have purchased a resin or glazed ceramic patio pot or a hanging basket with a replaceable liner, we can replant it for you next season. Save the cost of the container! If you desire your replant to be ready in May, we must have it by January. Bring it in autumn and we'll store it over the winter at no extra charge! Just phone for an appointment. It's easy!

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